Aurora Meditation

Welcome to the Aurora app. With more than 100 relaxing meditation and sleep sounds inside, you can relax and empty your mind. It will be very pleasant and peaceful to meditate in the application that focuses on many different categories.

In addition to these, you can relax with different breathing exercises, increase your focus and increase your energy during the day. You can see all this progress on your profile. You can draw your roadmap.

With the goals given to you on a daily basis, you can become a healthier, more positive and energetic person. You can fall asleep immediately with the relaxing sleep sounds in Aurora. You can set custom notifications for sleep, meditation or breathing exercises and have the app remind you.

– What will Aurora offer you?

* Relaxing meditation sounds.

* Sleep sounds that will make your sleep more comfortable and deep.

* Constantly updated and new content added.

* Breathing exercises focusing on different categories.

* Analytics that allows you to follow your schedule.

* Suggestions to help you reach your daily goals.

* Sleep, Meditation and breathing exercise reminder.

* Easy to fall asleep with sleep timer.

* And more will be with you.

– What categories does Aurora offer you?

Stress, Gratitude, Increasing Energy, Self-love, Change, Motivation, Breathing, Attention, Increasing Self-Confidence, Happiness, Acceptance, Anxiety, Inner peace, Anger control, Power, Integration with nature, Love, Focus etc.