Qr Reader

With its easy and beautiful design, you can perform unlimited qr scanning and creation. Create qr codes for your social media accounts and share them with your friends. If you wish, scan your qr codes from the camera or from your photo album. Create colorful and impressive qr codes. Store the scanned qr codes on your device for later.

– What does offer us ? –

* You can create and read qr for websites, contact card, phone call, sending messages, sending e-mails, facetime video calls, static text, wifi network sharing, appstore link, facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin, youtube, tiktok social media account.

* You can create gradient and colorful QR Codes.

* You can add logo to QR Codes from your photo album.

* You can backup your scanned qr codes on your device.

* Scanning qr from photo album or camera.