Welcome to the Walp app. It will beautify your phone's screen and give it an impressive look. With more than 1 million unique wallpapers, you will be the envy of those around you. You can find the picture you want with many categories according to your mood and special days and you can download it to your phone easily. With Walp it's easy to learn how the wallpapers look on your device without downloading them to your phone.

Heey Translate

Welcome to the Heey Translate application. It is designed for you to communicate with foreign people abroad or domestically. Even if you don't know the language you need to speak, Heey Translate will help you and meet with the other person. You can then record and listen to your chats and improve your foreign language. Press, talk and listen. It's all that easy and fast.

More Apps Coming..

Different and functional applications from one to another and more will be here.