Reflect AI

Welcome to the Reflect AI app. Our AI powered chat bot is the ultimate solution for providing fast and accurate answers to all user queries. With AI technology, our platform can answer questions on any topic, making it the perfect tool for those looking for information on social media, daily life, relationships, sports, and health.


Welcome to the Aurora app. With more than 100 relaxing meditation and sleep sounds inside, you can relax and empty your mind. It will be very pleasant and peaceful to meditate in the application that focuses on many different categories.


Welcome to the Voltage. Charging show and impressive charging animations. From now on, when charging iPhones, you can also have charging animations with various personalized themes! Just install the Charging Show and set it up according to the tutorial, plug in the charger on your iPhone.


Welcome to the Walpie. An application that contains thousands of 4k wallpapers to make your phone more impressive. Add the wallpaper you want to your favorites, preview it without downloading it to your phone and download it unlimitedly.


Welcome to the Instags app. It allows you to use hashtags that you can use to like pictures, get comments, and gain followers in all social media applications. You can quickly use it on your social media accounts by making your own hashtag list.


Welcome to the Walp app. It will beautify your phone's screen and give it an impressive look. With more than 1 million unique wallpapers, you will be the envy of those around you. You can find the picture you want with many categories according to your mood and special days and you can download it to your phone easily. With Walp it's easy to learn how the wallpapers look on your device without downloading them to your phone.


Welcome to the Modaction application. With this application, you can add excitement to the room by using in-app impressive sounds in rooms where you manage Clubhouse, Zoom, Discord, Youtube in popular social media. With a fun and beautiful interface, you can make sounds that emoji are linked to.

Funny Voice

Welcome to the Funny Voice app. Shoot videos with fun sound effects and share them with your friends on social media. You can shoot videos with your friends and change your voice. Choose scary or funny sounds to reflect your mood. Select, save and share. It's all that easy.

More Apps Coming..

Different and functional applications from one to another and more will be here.